Pix4D Premier Public Safety Reseller

Pix4D provides photogrammetry software for crash and crime scene mapping.

Leica Geosystems

We’re your go-to Leica Public Safety Group dealer.

Leica RTC360

The gold standard of lidar scanners. Produce accurate and detailed 3D scans of crash and crime scenes with a simple time saving workflow.

Leica GS18 I

Check out our line of Leica Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) with Bluetooth connectivity featuring Leica Captivate data collection software.

Leica Map360

Map360 provides crash and crime reconstructionists with multiple user interfaces for all skill levels and easy to use tools to visually communicate a scene and critical evidence.


Our integrated UAS packages deliver reliability and performance. In addition to our hands-on pilot training and dedicated customer support, we partner with law enforcement to build successful UAS programs that save time and resources.

Your Go-To Forensic Mapping Resource

We provide complete solutions, equipment, software and training, for all of your crash and crime scene mapping needs.


Transform images into 2D and 3D digital evidence.

Fast Documentation

Speed up scene documentation and tactical reconnaissance operations. Drone mapping takes a fraction of the time of traditional scene documentation or terrain recognition methods.

Revisit the Scene in 3D

Investigators, forensic experts, insurance agents and jury members can revisit the scene at any time and from any location. Digitally record and access the full scene in detail. Secure local processing and online sharing.

Precise, Irrefutable Evidence

Rely on accurate, precise, and geo-referenced photogrammetric outputs, not on manual field notes.

Products & Services

We carry products for all your forensic mapping needs.


We carry a wide variety of products for your aerial photogrammetry needs including UAS packages, mapping software, scanners, RTK GPS, mapping accessories, and more.


We offer professional training for all our products. Our training is specifically geared towards crash reconstruction and crime scene analysis. 


Get professional support you can rely on from our support page with professional instructional videos and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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